* : fixed
! : changed
+ : added
– : removed

v. 2024.1.0 (Jan, 23 2024)
* fixed display of batch settings
! increased UI font size

v. 2023.12.0 (Dec, 24 2023)
* fixed display of external png optimizer buttons
* performance and security improvements

v. 2023.9 (Sep, 13 2023)
* fixed update check and made non-blocking again
* fixed saving of AskToResizeLargeImages from Options
* fixed hide file type options when changing file type
* fixed image not resized/changed if resize gives bigger images in kb
* fixed gimp plugin error when loading v 2023.7

v. 2023.7 (Aug, 13 2023)
+ added WebP read/write support
+ new icons for file types
! improved HiDPI support (improved, but still incomplete)
! disable incomplete support for animated GIFs that generated confusions
* fixed improper color reduction on subsequent images after loading an image with less than 256 colors
* fixed image panel not same size
* various fixes

v. 1.0.1 (Jan, 28 2021)
! replaced AVX2 with SSE2 for better compatibility with older CPUs

v. 1.0.0 (Jan 25, 2021)
+ 64 bit version, allowing bigger images to be processed (>50 MP)
! improved compression with up to 30% for jpeg images
+ decoding support for jpeg images using arithmetic coding
+ improved PE security with DEP and ASLR
! the AVX2 instruction set for the 64bit version should provide better performance on larger images
! the 32 bit version is gonna be deprecated (probably the last 32 bit release)
* fixed display of optiized size in higher text dpi settings
* using less memory after the image is analyzed
* other minor fixes & tweaks

v. 0.6.2 (May, 7 2019)
* fixed clipboard lock
* fixed keep original date/time if in-place optimization
* prevent delete of original if in-place optimization and “Delete original files” are used
* fixed keep original file extension when saving files in batch
* fixed keep original file extension when saving files from the main window
* fixed file extension filter when using the Save As dialog for less common JPEG extensions
* fixed render images after Auto resize dialog is discarded
* fixed multi-monitor issue: restore position only if the saved position would be inside the visible area
* fixed overriding settings in “Auto, Custom Format mode” did not switched the mode the Manual
* fixed “Auto, Custom Format mode” blending transparency for JPEG format (white color usad now by default instead of black, but should use the last chosen color)
! improved check for updates procedure. now enabled by default. does not create temporary files anymore
+ added minimum compression setting to PNG (zlib level 1). This is useful for using with an external optimizer or reducing colors before final compression
+ png compression settings “minimum” and “low” are always remembered upon program restart if save settings on exit is enabled.

v. 0.6.1 (Oct, 15 2018)
+ added support for Gimp 2.10 in the plugin installer
* fixed a bug in batch mode where in certain conditions optimized files don’t get written
* fixed memory leak when opening the batch window, which also caused Access Violation in host applications if used as plugin
* fixed issue with saving of zoom factor
* fixed default batch window size not showing Settings button in certain situations
* fixed Compress to Size button not always enabled when needed
* minor UI fixes
– removed feature to toggle “Report file size changes” from batch settings. It is on by default
– removed menu item for Help Context. Docs will be moved to the website

v. 0.6.0 (13.08.2016)
+ added “Auto, Original Format” mode, renamed modes
+ Batch: added option to save in original folder in order to keep folder structure
+ Batch: added option to backup originals on overwrite
* fixed behavior for using the original image if smaller only if we use an option from the batch mode
* fixed resize issues when keep aspect ratio is checked and both dimensions are provided

v. 0.5.2 (08.10.2013)
* fixed r s h l v keys prohibited in batch->output path
* fixed filesize different single file vs batch mode if image is resized and using automatic mode.The original was analyzed instead of the resized one in batch mode.
* fixed RIOT stops opening images after switching to batch mode and back
* fixed scrollbar flicker
* fixed loading of TGA 8-bit files with a palette size greater that 256
* fixed TIFF parser didn’t initialize the memory with zeros in stripped mode. This caused random bitmap data if the tiff file was corrupted/invalid.

v. 0.5.1 (22.08.2013)
* fixed opening of images with a single color like the one found in jquery-UI (ui-icons_2e83ff_256x240)
* fixed Compress to size action enabling
* fixed a bug in batch mode when using manual format
! using checkerboard to show transparency instead of background color from file. Some images have the background the same color as the foreground and that can be confusing.

v. 0.5.0 (17.07.2013)
+ added automatic optimization mode
+ added loading support for “half float” format to TIFF
+ added drag folder to load files in batch mode
+ added progress monitoring for jpeg load/save and resize
! superior internal PNG compression. Added 4 compression levels (zlib-9 with heuristics and filters for low setting and zopfli deflate used for the higher settings)
! color quantization to 2 colors now outputs 1 bit images instead of 4 bit (smaller filesize)
! changed transparency settings (added simplify checkbox)
! faster color quantization of images with 16 colors or less (output bit depth controlled by the quantizer itself)
! greatly improved resize/resampling speed
! upgraded to LibTiff 4.0.3
! upgraded to libPNG 1.5.13
! upgraded to OpenJPEG 1.5.1
! allowed loading of PNG with benign errors (such as images with too many IDATs)
* batch settings: keep date date & report size changes options are now preserved
* fixed crashing when loading some JPEG files with invalid EXIF tag length
* fixed PNG plugin with saving of transparent monochrome images
* fixed JPEG error: Exif: Suspicious offset of first IFD value
* fixed a crash when loading TIFF images with a TIFFTAG_TRANSFERFUNCTION Exif tag
* fixed a crash reading a TIFF with an uncommon 24-bit palettized file
* allowed loading of TIF with missing bitspersample/samplesperpixel/photometric tags
* fixed BigTIFF signature validation
* fixed TIFF plugin truncating metadata tag on loading if type is ASCII and it’s value is of variable size (TIFF_VARIABLE)
* fixed loading of Exif with bad thumbnail data or with a bad first offset size
* fixed PSD parser when reading PSD files with corrupted resources
* resize: fixed a NULL-pointer access bug occurring for transparent images with a linear palette
– removed PNG interlacing
– removed Grayscale from Color reduction presets => replaced with Grayscale checkbox in Image adjustments
– removed libMNG, using internal reader instead

v.0.4.6 (25.02.2011)
+ added Help file (not yet complete)
+ DLL version: added flags for all JPEG chroma settings
* DLL version: the default chroma for RIOT_SaveToFile is now “medium” instead of “low”
* Batch mode: fixed a bug when using a bat file as external PNG optimizer and @echo off is not on the first line.
This problem does not occur in normal mode.
* DLL version: fixed some sliders going nuts when pressed during tooltip display
* fixed preview executed twice when asked to resample big images
* Batch settings “Keep original date/time” and “Report file size changes” are now remembered at startup
* if “Report file size changes” is checked and the selected external optimizer is not installed the reported size
is -100% or ~ -99.9%. Fixed !
* fixed error running same batch twice with external optimizer and “Keep original date/time is checked
* file is now set as modified only if OptimizePNG is successfully executed
* fixed related issues reported in the RIOT forum, with the external PNG optimizer implementation
* fixed a memory leak in FileIsWritetable
! avoid some file locking problems

v.0.4.5 (12.01.2011)
* fixed a bug with Paste from clipboard. Pasted images were shifted a few pixels.
* fixed a bug in the DLL version with the toolbar containing rotate, resize, compress to size, etc.
The toolbar should be enabled after successful image loading from the host application.

v.0.4.4 (19.10.2010)
! the Batch window is not displayed anymore if the images sent as parameters are not supported. The previous behavior was to show the window with no files loaded.
* fixed an access violation at startup in the DLL version, which occurs only in Vista (possible Windows 7).
The exception is caught when reading the configuration data.
– removed optipng -o5 external PNG optimizer preset and added advpng preset by default

v.0.4.3 (16.10.2010)
! optimized startup sequence
! updated FastMM to version 4.97
! updated vclfixpack to version 1.4 (some fixed which are not needed were removed)
* fixed Vista (possible Windows 7) bug with not being able to type in the batch dialog some characters used as shortcuts (R, L, etc).
This occurs only if the program is launched with at least 2 files as parameters which results in the Batch window being opened at startup.
* corrected a name in the About->Credits section
* fixed some memory leaks in the batch dialog related to the FileList
* fixed a crash in FreeImage when reading a JPEG with corrupted XMP data
* fixed loading of JPEG images with a not null but zero length IPTC segment (bad files produced by Picasa)
* fixed a crash in FreeImage when loading a PSD with a CMYK embedded thumbnail
* other minor modifications

v.0.4.2 (01.09.2010)
– refactored resize function
– allowed specifying just width or height in batch resize
– improved PNG loading: added support for binary transparency in all bit depths,
refactored the entire Load function
– fixed ICO transparency handling
– fixed a bug with applying properly the settings using the keyboard
– updated libraries to LibPNG 1.4.3, OpenEXR 1.7.0, OpenJPEG 1.4.0 (SVN patch 2010-04-16),
LibRaw 0.10-Beta3, LibTIFF 3.9.4 (CVS patch 2010-07-13)
– RAW plugin: actual RAW bit depth is now displayed
– Fixed loading of Pentax KX RAW images
– Minor improvements for the EXR and RAW plugins
– the plugins from RAW + HDR package now run without SSE2 CPU extensions
– greyscale conversions now use the Rec. 709 formula
– new standard conversion from RGBF(A) high dynamic range formats allows to
import such images with no tone mapping (gamma correction applied)
– fixed bug with Report file size in Batch when using an external optimizer
– improved TIFF and PSD loading
– small performance improvement in saving JPEG
– fixed bug with non existent files added in Batch if typed in the open dialog
– refactored the internal function ConvertToCommon
– fixed automatic scrolling to the item on which Batch is working (Vista)
– fixed a regression bug with losing resolution, ICC profile and background in some situations
– added Credits in About dialog, other minor modifications
– other clean-ups and improvements

– fixed some issues with the external PNG optimizer implementation

(replace {IMAGE_FILE} parameter is done only once. fixed;
a custom PNG is not remembered at program restart. fixed;
delete/configure buttons should not be disabled after adding an external optimizer. fixed;
modifying an external optimizer name creates orphan records. fixed. added checks for duplicate tool names;
scripts as external optimizersnot working out-of-the-box. fixed)

– bugfix: “Remove selected” button from batch mode disables when a multiple selection is made with the mouse.
The keyboard selection worked. Fixed !
– fixed some issue related to automatic preview mode disabled.
– Preview button now disabled when “AUtomatic preview” is on
– improved performance of conversion functions from transparent indexed images
– changed shortcuts for “Fit in window” ( now / ) and “Actual size” (now * ). These simpler ones should increase productivity
– changed batch settings by adding an “Apply” button. to be more intuitive
– fixed an unwanted behavior with selecting and option without actualy putting a check next to it, which causes that option to apply.
– modified an error message to specify that both dimensions are required for batch resize

v.0.4.0 (beta) – 19 april 2010
– new: the much requested Batch Optimizer (optimize multiple files with a few clicks)
– new: Basic image adjustments (Adjust brightness, contrast, gamma, invert colors along with the optimization process)
– new: Open even more image types
The new open plugin architecture lets you extend the number of recognized formats
The RAW + HDR plugin collection adds support for opening RAW camera images from all major manufacturers, OpenEXR and HDR images.
– added Macintosh PICT image format support
– Improved PNG compression (The internal PNG “best compression” was substantially improved.)
– new: ability to easily use well known external PNG optimizers like optiPNG, PNGOut.
Also, any other tools can be added for use (for example AdvanceCOMP, pngCrush, etc).
– option to apply by default the fastest PNG (ZLIB) compression when “Best compression” is unchecked
(speeds some things up, like performing quantization, removing metadata, etc)
– updated libraries to LibTIFF 3.9.2, zlib 1.2.4, libpng 1.4.1 and OpenJPEG 1.3.0
– main form position is now remembered when “Save settings on exit” is enabled
– added decoding support for the old and outdated JPEG-in-TIFF 6.0 format in TIFF
– fixed loading of JNG with progressive-JPEG formats
– fixed loading of TGA with a corrupted RLE count
– drag & drop multiple files support (opens the batch optimizer)
– command line option: when multiple files are specified, the batch dialog is showed with the supported files added to the list
– comments/textual data from other formats are now successfully transferred to JPEG comment
– optimized math functions (faster zooming)
– replaced some code snippets with faster and smaller equivalents
– the file filter for the open dialog is now built dynamically based on available internal and external plugins with read support
– small bugfixes for showing the compress to size function enabled or not
– other small fixes and improvements

v.0.3.5 – 27 oct. 2009
– bugfix: Save image fails in some cases. It occurs only when the image is opened by command line or drag & drop and “Show dialog on Save”
is disabled (default) – the original image is not updated (overwritten).
The image is saved in fact in the wrong folder (current folder). Fixed !
– fixed handling of PSD files with a non zero file header reserved member
– fixed TIF module crashing on a malformed TIFF-JPEG compressed image
– fixed MNG module crashing on some old mng images
– metadata: added new ‘non standard’ Exif tags (HostComputer, Rating, RatingPercent) – These tags are not part of the Exiv v2.2
specifications but are often loaded by applications as Exif data
– added loading of Exif orientation tag in TIFF module
– other minor fixes

v.0.3.4 – 10 oct. 2009
– DLL version: fixed comdlg32 access violation when using the save button in Vista 32bit SP2 (not tested on Vista 64).
– new fullscreen view
-added support for all Photoshop supported color modes to PSD loading (with the exception of 32-bit float RGB)
– improved speed for jpeg encoding & decoding by 17% (using SIMD optimized code)
– improved speed of zlib compression (used for PNG) by 30% (using ASM optimized code)
– Bugfix: Riot.ini is in the Riot folder with write permissions, but Riot
creates and uses Application Data folder. Fixed !
– The Save button is now context sensitive – meaning it is automatically disabled and enabled when needed (ex: disabled after
Save to see the operation completed succesfully, disabled if the autoamtic preview is not active, etc)
– added option to show the “Save As” Dialog on the “Save” action. Default false, requests only replace confirmation if file exists or
shows the dialog if the file does not exist.
– the last used save folder is now stored and used each time the user presses “Save as”
– DLL version: the image resolution (dpi) is now imported directly from the DIB. Benefit: When used as irfanView plugin RIOT can keep now
the resolution without the need to activate import ancillary info.
– improved exception handling when saving a file
– flicker reduced or eliminated on most controls
– fixed some minor issues and potential access violations
– updated libraries libtiff (3.9.1), libpng (1.2.40), FreeImage (3.13.0 and from official CVS)
– moved shortcuts from menu to global actions to make them usable in fullscreen
– added new hidden configuration variable for use within Riot.ini: UseLatestCommonDialogs (0 disabled [default], 1 enabled).
When enabled Riot shows the new Vista dialogs. When disabled the old XP style dialogs are shown in Vista.
Note that the IrfanView plugin gives access violations when using the new dialogs.
– DLL version: fixed black background for icons in some rare cases (no manifest in calling app)
– other minor improvements

v.0.3.3 – 13 may 2009
– plugins: fixed some memory leaks (especially noticeable in batch operations with RIOT_SaveToFile/RIOT_SaveToFile_U).
Set file size function from IrfanView was affected by this problem.
– in the previous version of FreeImage bundled with RIOT v0.3.2 the support for different TIFF compression types was ommited. Now fixed.
– fixed some invalid pointer operations
– faster startup; ini file is read at once and stored/updated in memory
– speed optimizations for preview; fixed some bugs with automatic preview invoked more than once in some cases
– bugfix: rotating 4bit images now works
– cbanged the general font to an antialiased one (Trebuchet MS)
– minor corrections for display on 120 dpi font setting
– The ini file was not read at startup in some functions and that made the program ask for resample each time.
Function affected from the plugin version were: RIOT_LoadFromFile/RIOT_LoadFromHBITMAP.
In the standalone version opening images using the command line or dropping files onto the program icon in explorer.
– bugfix: File->Exit or pressing Esc terminates the application but does not save settings. Fixed !
– bugfix: after modifying Show Captions for main toolbar buttons the image is now centered.
– plugins: if file sent as parameter does not exist or left blank Original File Info is not updated (occurs in rare situations)

– plugin: fixed a problem in 0.3.1 with the IrfanView plugin when retrieving configuration settings. An access violation error was thrown.
– configuration data is now stored in the current user’s Application Data folder.
If Riot.ini is found in the Riot folder, it is used only if the current user has write permissions for it.
(this makes it compatible with putting Rot in Program Files for Vista)

– 4bpp output now supported (automatically chosen when quantizating to less than 16 colors)
– keep transparency for 1 and 4 bit PNG
– added Save button for quick saving over the original. Save as is still there for choosing another folder
– plugins: RIOT_SaveToFile (function used by IrfanView “Set file size”) can keep now metadata (exif, iptc, comments, etc).
To operate in IrfanView it needs a new version of IrfanView (next after 4.23)
– upgraded libpng to 1.2.35
– some optimizations in FreeImage (from the official CVS)
– plugins only: fixed some object destruction bugs causing unexpected behaviour (usually access violations).
This bug especially affects Compress to size.
– plugins: improvements in file info display from the title bar
(don’t display size twice when DIB size equals original image size from file).
– plugins: for unsupported images file info was not updated. In this situation it shows BMP as format

v.0.3.0 (beta)
– new/usability: interesting interface changes including new layout, new icons
– new/usability: automatically store last used settings on exit in ini file
– new/usability: check for updates automatically every month on program startup or manually
– new/usability: in place compare (allows to display the original image over the optimized image to see small pixel changes as long
as you keep this button pressed)
– improvement/usability: The metadata options are moved from the format specific options to a separate tab now
– improvement/usability: separate tab for the new transparency options (keep, blend/composite, set opaque).
The program now properly handles alpha transparency composition to 24bit
– new/usability: options dialog
– plugins: allows user to import ancillary data (transparency, background color, metadata, ICC profile, image resolution)
from original filename when the image is sent as DIB. The ability to import transparency from original file is offered for
IrfanView which does not send 32bit DIBs. Transparency is imported only when DIB and original file have the same size.
– new/usability: auto-rotate images according to EXIF info
– new/usability: option to show/hide button captions from the main toolbar
– new/usability: the user can choose the zoom step percent
– new/usability: scrollbars now make use of the larger step when clicking on the empty space between the arrow buttons and she sliding box
– improvement: preserve transparency (GIF only) when using Dither for 1bit images based on higher bpp transparent images.
(even if transparency is not shown yet for this kind of image)
– plugins: when ancillary data imported, the window title offers more detailed info about the source image.
– improvement: added additional file types for loading (DirectDraw Surface (*.dds)|*.dds|Dr. Halo (*.cut)|*.cut|
Raw Fax format CCITT G3(*.g3)|*.g3|Amiga IFF (*.iff, *.lbm)|*.iff;*.lbm|Commodore 64 Koala format (*.koa)|*.koa|
Portable Graymap (*.pgm)|*.pgm)
– improvement/usability: added missing text hints
– improvement/usability: added warning when an incompatible FreeImage library is used
– usability: automatic preview checkbox moved into the view menu
– added two more links into the help menu (News and Optimization Tips) to article categories from the official website
– fixed a problem caused by olympus Type 2 EXIF maker notes
– optimizations in FreeImage, size reduced
– added small presentation of my web services (My Business button)

v.0.2.1 (26 nov 2008) (stable)
– added all corrections from 0.1.13 until 0.1.15 to fix bugs that affected 0.2
– JPEG processing speed improvement by 25%.
This is done using SIMD optimized instructions (MMX, SSE,SSE2, 3DNow!).
– overall speed optimizations

– full unicode support
– added option to keep/remove embedded JPEG EXIF profile
– plugins: now fully compatible with ansi2unicode plugin from IrfanView
– plugins: new Unicode-enabled functions
– minor changes in about dialog
– added PNG preview in open dialog
– plugins: Lite version speed-up in drawing. Memory usage decreased (like in extended now)

v.0.1.15 (20 nov 2008) (stable)
– plugins bugfix: fail to open an unsupported image type even if it was sent as DIB and the image exists
The image type is displayed now in the original file info only if it is not BMP (avoid strange behaviour when image type not supported).
– bugfix: fit in window problems (again) fixed !
– minimum and maximum zoom constraints
– eliminated the nasty effect on image moving
– improved zoom accuracy

– fixed some small resize problems in Fit in window. The picture margins were not shown.
Fixed !

-plugins bugfix: in RIOT_saveToFile (affects IrfanView Save dialog->Set file size).
When no flags are sent (greyscale and color subsampling are not selected) the file is
forced to be saved as progressive
-plugins bugfix: in RIOT_saveToFile – compress to size uses the last tested settings and this usually leads to inaccuracy.
-plugins: RIOT_saveToFile (compress to size) speed improved

-bugfix: ICC profile is lost after Rotate. Fixed.

v.0.1.11 (stable candidate #8)
– bugfix: plugin – IrfanView sends a filename even if file does not exist (like Clipboard01).
This resulted in an “Error opening file”.
Added FileExists check into RIOT to overcome this problem. Fixed !
– bugfix: Paste from clipboard and plugin function LoadFromHBITMAP gives “Error opening file” because no format was set. Fixed !

v.0.1.10 (stable candidate #7)
-improvement/bugfix: Transparency is now fully kept regardlessof bit depth.
Color quantization now does not lose transparency. Alpha transparency can be converted to indexed transparency.
-improvement: drastically decreased memory usage especially for RIOT Full:
* DIB size + compressed image size in idle if DIBs fit in the video card memory, more otherwise
* up to 3xDIB size when processing
(Note that OpenPictureDialog preview does not free his image in memory until another preview is made.
With open by drag & drop no image preview is stored in memory)
– added RGBF image support for TIFF
– added Vista icons support (very few viewers can open them now !)
– added IPTC support for RIOT Lite
– update FreeImage engine to 3.11.0 (FreeImage now uses libtiff (3.9.0), libpng (1.2.29), libMNG (1.0.10) and OpenJPEG (1.3.0))
– FreeImage.dll is now compatible with the official release. Some minor fixes were made in the RIOT version of the DLL, though
– bugfix: ICC profile was lost after Rotate. Fixed.
-bugfix: on drop file the current file name and the filesize were overwritten even if loading was not succesfull
(unknown type or unsupported)
-Save As speed-up
-compiler optimizations: optimized instruction set for Pentium Pro
-several optimizations and code cleanup
-plugin bug: when invoking RIOT_LoadFromDIB picture format was always seen as BMP. Fixed!
-plugins: several modifications for bmp loading
-full version plugin bugfix: RIOT_LoadFromDIB always shows -1 as filesize. Fixed.
-fixed a known FreeImage problem with saving GIFs

v.0.1.9 (stable candidate #6)
-extended image support: add full support for uncommon images like 64 bit transparent PNGs (RGBA16,RGB16,RGBF,RGBAF,
also complex, double, float, integer types)
-speed-up for GIF processing
-improvement: transparency from 1, 4 and 8 bit images is now preserved when saved as true color PNGs

v.0.1.8 (stable candidate #5)
-bugfix: after resample or after copy from clipboard the filesize was -1 bytes. Fixed !
-bugfix: after Copy from clipboard preview was invokes twice. Fixed !

v.0.1.7 (stable candidate #4)
-after resample image was not centered. Fixed
-Fit to window is now applied on open
-added option in View menu: Fit in window only big images.
-change resample form tab order
-minor code cleanup
-fixes in Fit to Window
-actual view is applied after resample
-drawing speed ups (up to 5 times faster displaying of optimized images)
-changed about box
-decreased memory usage.
-flicker effect on zoom, moving or displaying eliminated
-new ckeckbox for JPEG and PNG: remove embedded ICC profile
-MetadataHandler rewrote
-dragging fix when the mouse cursor is over the other image
-speed optimizations for Riot Full. Lite version is slightly slower than the full version.
-compiler optimizations
-RIOT full is now capable of displaying jpeg and bmp in the small preview area of the open dialog
Lite version supports only bmp preview
-removed emf and wmf from the supported file types for now
-on high resolution images (>=4 MegaPixels) the user is asked if he wants to resize.
This comes as a loading speed-up aid, as most of users need to resample anyway.
-program status (loading, processing, displaying, etc) is displayed now in the status bar
-fixed a bug when images with a BPP other than 1,8, 24 and 32 cannot be rotated
-small display speedups after rotate, flip. Image loading speed-up for BPP smaller than 24
-fixes for paste from clipboard
-metadata is now always kept
-default resample filter is now Catmull Rom (very good results and decent speed)
-fixed some memory leaks in internal DIB conversion that affected Paste also
-added Cancel button for Resample dialog
-modified DLL interface (RIOT_LoadFromDIB). functions added (RIOT_SaveToFile, GetPlugInInfo)
removed RIOT_LoadFromHBITMAP from Lite DLL. Added function aliases without prepended underscore (MSVC standard)
-Compress to size now supports both decimal separator (comma and dot)
-added flags support to RIOT_SaveToFile

v.0.1.6 (stable candidate #3)
-known metadata can now be removed or kept by model
(unknown or unsupported metadata is automatically dropped – exif is dropped)
Lite version supports only choosing to keep comments. Other metadata is removed
-image dragging improvements
-minimum form size is now 681×389
-on form resize the image is centered
-default Filename in Save Picture Dialog is now the opened filename without extension
if the source image is a DIB from memory (loaded from Clipboard, Resampled) the default Save as filename is “Untitled”
-the allocated DIBs are freed now OnDestroy, not OnClose

minor fixes:

-default tooltip HidePause is now 7 seconds
-kilobyte (1024 bytes) symbol is now KiB, as IEC recommends
-removed semicolon from original image size label
-right-click on image does not show a sizeAll cursor anymore
large dpi font size bugfixes:
-form is now resized for large screen dpi (>96) to fit controls
-scrolling areas were shown with different sizes. Now they are equal
-top label about optimized file (ex: 24 bit JPEG…) position is now correctly calculated
-first status bar panel (with zoom display) resized to fit text with 120dpi font settings
-minor changes in DLL interface

v0.1.5 (stable candidate #2)
-scrollboxes are now dragging areas. Image is not allowed to be dragged outside the dragging area.
Top left and bottom right points cannot pass the center point
-new Esc shortcut for exit
-Fit in window improvements, fixes
-minor code cleanup
-added link to official website in the menu and in the about box

v.0.1.4 (stable candidate #1)
-changed main icon
-files can now be opened by passing them as command line parameters
-some menu items (from View) were not disabled by default (fixed), and enabled when necessary
-improved zoom: center images in scrollbox by default; when the image is moved,
the zoom follows what’s in the center point of the scrollbox.
-after opening images are resized 1:1 now by default
-improved Convert from non-standard type handling when fails
-bugfix: size in KB was formatted wrong for decimals with leading zeros. ex: 99 bytes was formated 0.9 KB, not 0.09 KB. Fixed!
-transparent files are now handled properly (8bit and 32bit supported) – works only on initialy transparent images.
Does not work with quantization. Transparent images are displayed against a checkerboard background.
-added “Compress to size” for JPEG, GIF and PNG
-added status bar with zoom percent information. The text “transparent” is shown in the status bar for transparent files.

-fixed some memory leaks when opening new files
-added support for non standard type images (up to 128 BPP, integer and floating point. EX: hdr images, 16 bit grayscale, etc)
-added tone mapping option for BPP >= 48 bit. An Adaptive logarithmic mapping algorithm is used (Drago’2003)
-the opened filename is shown in the title bar now. For DIBs in memory a special message is shown
-added Ctrl + F shortcut for Fit in window
-decreased top label sizes for 120 DPI setting compatibility
-added HDR image type to the open dialog
-hottrack type page control (provides visual feedback when mouse is over tab)

-added jpeg chroma subsampling support (none,low 4:2:2,medium 4:2:0,high 4:1:1)
-added Dual view option in View menu (disabled shows only the optimized version)
-added edit fields for jpeg quality, gif and png number of colors, removed jpeg quality mask edit
-modified labels (image size is in the bottom, expressed in kilobytes also)
-improved error handling
-improved settings changed handling on Save
-code cleanup


-improved zoom, more precise (still following center point),
added zoom shortcuts (num +/-) and mouse scroll support (ctrl+scroll),
cursor changes only when dragging
-minor code cleanup
-added main menu with shortcuts
-added Paste from Clipboard option
-preview, tabs are enabled by default
-improved ImageLoader, accept drop files