WebP fully supported in RIOT with the new version

The long awaited new version of RIOT has arrived with very exciting features.

WebP is a new image format developed by Google that promises better compression ratio for the same perceived picture quality. WebP was designed to replace all three popular formats (JPEG. PNG, GIF) and has a very wide browser support.

The WebP support in RIOT covers both and read/write and also the automatic modes and batch.

You can now adjust the WebP settings and see instant previews like for the other formats:

– lossy compression

– near lossless compression

– lossless compression (quality slider controls compression speed/efficiency)

– high compression checkbox providing superior compression by sacrificing speed

The new version also contains great improvements for HiDPI displays and a few updated higher quality icons. Various other fixes too.

Full changelog:

v. 2023.7

  • added WebP read/write support
  • new icons for file types
    ! improved HiDPI support (improved, but still incomplete)
    ! disable incomplete support for animated GIFs that generated confusions
  • fixed improper color reduction on subsequent images after loading an image with less than 256 colors
  • fixed image panel not same size
  • various fixes
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