version 0.3.1 released


I am presenting you the official release of version 0.3.1.

This version contains some fixes and optimizations as well as new features like automatic 4bit output for GIF and PNG with 16 or less unique colors, new Save button, keep metadata with IrfanView Set file size.
Here is the full changelog:

– 4bpp output now supported (automatically chosen when quantizating to less than 16 colors)
– keep transparency for 1 and 4 bit PNG
– added Save button for quick saving over the original. Save as is still there for choosing another folder
– plugins: RIOT_SaveToFile (function used by IrfanView “Set file size”) can keep now metadata (exif, iptc, comments, etc). To operate in IrfanView it needs a new version of IrfanView (next after 4.23)
– upgraded libpng to 1.2.35
– some optimizations in FreeImage (from the official CVS)
– plugins only: fixed some object destruction bugs causing unexpected behaviour (usually access violations). This bug especially affects Compress to size.

I changed the archive type to zip because it is more popular than rar.
Very soon I will release installer packages for the application and for the IrfanView plugin. The installers are created using the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System.

Fans of portable apps will be happy to know RIOT will continue to offer such package.

Get it while is hot !.

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