version 0.2.1 released and tagged *stable*

Version 0.2.1 was released. This fixes the remaining bugs from 0.2 and adds some speed optimizations.
0.2.1 is now the last stable version of RIOT.
I will continue to provide the old 0.1 ANSI version for Windows 9x users.

Starting from now the RIOT application has a MSI installer. The rar package is available also for those than preffer not to install anything or want to put the program on a portable media.
I think it would be nice to have an installer for the plugin version also. I will make that when I will have more time.


v.0.2.1 (26 nov 2008) (stable)
– added all corrections from 0.1.13 until 0.1.15 to fix bugs that affected 0.2
– JPEG processing speed improvement by 25%.
This is done using SIMD optimized instructions (MMX, SSE,SSE2, 3DNow!).
– overall speed optimizations

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