Version 0.1.9 released (stable candidate #6)

I have just released version 0.1.9 – another stable candidate.

This is a bugfix/improvement only release. Waiting for a stable release until we can go any further with branch 0.2.

This version fixes loading problems with uncommon image types like 64 bit PNGs and others and provides some fixes regarding transparency handling.

Still no support for preserving transparency when color quantization (color reduction) is used.

v.0.1.9 (stable candidate #6)
-extended image support: add full support for uncommon images like 64 bit transparent PNGs (RGBA16,RGB16,RGBF,RGBAF, also complex, double, float, integer types)
-speed-up for GIF processing
-improvement: transparency from 1, 4 and 8 bit images is now preserved when saved as true color PNGs

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