Version 0.6.2 is here

This is a maintenance release improving the stability of the 0.6 series. It contains various bug fixes. The version update check was improved and it is now enabled by default (new installs only). Also, especially for people working with external PNG optimizers or visually reducing colors before final compression. I added a new minimum compression setting to PNG (zlib level 1). This should dramatically speed up the whole optimization process, since you don’t need at that point the slower compression levels.

Use the facebook page, twitter or the official forum to send your feedback. Have fun using my Radical Image Optimization Tool !

Here is the full changelog:


  • : fixed
  • ! : changed
  • : added
  • : removed

v. 0.6.2

  • fixed clipboard lock
  • fixed keep original date/time if in-place optimization
  • prevent delete of original if in-place optimization and “Delete original files” are used
  • fixed keep original file extension when saving files in batch
  • fixed keep original file extension when saving files from the main window
  • fixed file extension filter when using the Save As dialog for less common JPEG extensions
  • fixed render images after Auto resize dialog is discarded
  • fixed multi-monitor issue: restore position only if the saved position would be inside the visible area
  • fixed overriding settings in “Auto, Custom Format mode” did not switched the mode the Manual
  • fixed “Auto, Custom Format mode” blending transparency for JPEG format (white color usad now by default instead of black, but should use the last chosen color)
  • ! improved check for updates procedure. now enabled by default. does not create temporary files anymore
  • + added minimum compression setting to PNG (zlib level 1). This is useful for using with an external optimizer or reducing colors before final compression
  • + png compression settings “minimum” and “low” are always remembered upon program restart if save settings on exit is enabled.
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