Version 0.3.4 released (considered stable)

After months of preparing the next version of branch 0.3, I want to announce the availability of the latest stable version – 0.3.4.
This version aims to provide the most stable version of RIOT since the beginning of this project.
The most important fix addresses the infamous Vista SP2 access violation after displaying the save dialog. This error occurs only in the DLL version (IrfanView plugin). Users of the standalone application never experienced that.

This new version offers some nice speed improvements when working with JPEG  and PNG, it corrects a series of bugs and provides some features like the full screen view, improved save functions, extended support for Photoshop PSD files.

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Here is the full changelog:

v.0.3.4 - 10.10.2009
- DLL version: fixed comdlg32 access violation when using the save button in Vista 32bit SP2 (not tested on Vista 64).
- new fullscreen view
-added support for all Photoshop supported color modes to PSD loading (with the exception of 32-bit float RGB)
- improved speed for jpeg encoding & decoding by 17% (using SIMD optimized code)
- improved speed of zlib compression (used for PNG) by 30% (using ASM optimized code)
- Bugfix: Riot.ini is in the Riot folder with write permissions, but Riot
creates and uses Application Data folder. Fixed !
- The Save button is now context sensitive - meaning it is automatically disabled and enabled when needed (ex: disabled after Save to see the operation completed succesfully, disabled if the automatic preview is not active, etc)
- added option to show the "Save As" Dialog on the "Save" action. Default false, requests only replace confirmation if file exists or shows the dialog if the file does not exist.
- the last used save folder is now stored and used each time the user presses "Save as"
- DLL version: the image resolution (dpi) is now imported directly from the DIB. Benefit: When used as irfanView plugin RIOT can keep now the resolution without the need to activate import ancillary info.
- improved exception handling when saving a file
- flicker reduced or eliminated on most controls
- fixed some minor issues and potential access violations
- updated libraries libtiff (3.9.1), libpng (1.2.40), FreeImage (3.13.0 and from official CVS)
- moved shortcuts from menu to global actions to make them usable in fullscreen
- added new hidden configuration variable for use within Riot.ini: UseLatestCommonDialogs (0 disabled [default], 1 enabled). When enabled Riot shows the new Vista dialogs. When disabled the old XP style dialogs are shown in Vista.
Note that the IrfanView plugin gives access violations when using the new dialogs, therefore this option is ignored in the DLL version.
- DLL version: fixed black background for icons in some rare cases (no manifest in calling app)
- other minor improvements

I want to thank with this occasion the RIOT supporters all around the world, especially the RIOT Development Group and the RIOT Forum members. They reported bugs, tested beta releases and provided valuable feedback and suggestions. Thank you all !

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