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RIOT became quite popular in its young existence with thousands of downloads monthly. I noticed a spectacular adoption growth since the first release. I must say I was very impressed that this program has now more than occasional users – it has fans 🙂 That’s a good reason for me to continue working at this program.
With the help of dedicated RIOT users and their valuable suggestions, RIOT will continue to be a very useful tool for web-designers or enthusiasts, clean, simple, yet powerful and effective, and remain – as people like it – FREE OF CHARGE.

I am searching for advertising publishers for this website. I can offer advertising space to replace the existing Google ads for a very good price.
The CTR rate of the Google ads is good (5-12%). The banner will be shown on each website page, including the most visited download pages.
Additionally, the publisher logo will appear in the about dialog of the program as sponsor with a link to his website.

The special price for one year of advertising partnership is 1200 EUR or 1750 USD.
I think this is a very good deal.

Advertisers can send me their own banner ads (I accept flash also) or I can create a nice ad for them.
The proposed ad size is 728 x 90 pixels, located in the top, bellow page title, but I am open to changes.

Please contact me at luciansabo {at} gmail {dot} com for details.

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