Riot is still alive ! Version 0.6.1 released

Download from here

This is a maintenance release, aimed to solve bugs present in v 0.6.0 beta.

There are some exciting news about the plans with future versions of RIOT like:

  • 64 bit version. This will allow RIOT to work with higher resolution images and be faster
  • full support for WebP image format (read/write). I expect that in a couple of years WebP will replace JPEGs and PNGs
  • jpeg compression improvements
  • HiDPI support – make RIOT UI look better on 4k displays
  • … more

Full change log:

v. 0.6.1 (15 oct 2018)
+ added support for Gimp 2.10 in the plugin installer
* fixed a bug in batch mode where in certain conditions optimized files don’t get written
* fixed memory leak when opening the batch window, which also caused Access Violation in host applications if used as plugin
* fixed issue with saving of zoom factor
* fixed default batch window size not showing Settings button in certain situations
* fixed Compress to Size button not always enabled when needed
* minor UI fixes
– removed feature to toggle “Report file size changes” from batch settings. It is on by default
– removed menu item for Help Context. Docs will be moved to the website

Please report all bugs found using the RIOT forum.

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