RIOT in chinese (hack)

While looking at my website traffic statistics, I found an unkown referrer. I clicked on it and – surprize – it seems that  someone managed to translate RIOT in chinese without my help or knowledge. I consider this as a hack.

He translated the latest versions of the extended plugin and the standalone application (0.2.1).

I don’t mind as long as nothing is stripped, but I don’t think is polite to release a modified version of a software without author’s permission.


Remember that this is not an official release and if you install and use it I cannot be taken responsible for any damages or problems caused by this program.

I downloaded the program, executed it, and I haven’t found something wrong, but there are no guarantees this program is safe.  The author didn’t even bother to contact me.  It seems he used some kind of resource modification program. I guess this can be accomplished by hex editing or even disassembly. I don’t know – I’m not a hacker 🙂

The funny thing is he work so hard to translate it and did not find the time to properly understood it, because the screenshot from his website is saved as GIF but JPEG or even PNG would have been a much better choice for that image.

Just to let him and other people know: I don’t permit/encourage unofficial translations or modifications.
If RIOT will have multilingual support,  this will be made in a controlled manner, by using safe methods, not hacking.

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