Riot 0.1.15 released

Version 0.1.15 corrects several bugs from earlier versions. Branch 0.1 is the stable branch and it is not accepting new features from quite a while now. Every branch of RIOT will have a rock-stable version you can use without errors in your work. As I cannot guarantee it is free from defects, in time all bugs will be corrected.

But here are the modifications:

v.0.1.15 (20 nov 2008)
– plugins bugfix: fail to open an unsupported image type even if it was sent as DIB and the image exists
The image type is displayed now in the original file info only if it is not BMP (avoid strange behaviour when image type not supported).
– bugfix: fit in window problems (again) fixed !
– minimum and maximum zoom constraints
– eliminated the nasty effect on image moving
– improved zoom accuracy

Special thanks goes to skippybox for this release.

Now we can talk about the future. I am working at a new, improved user interface for RIOT that will became part of  branch 0.3. If you visit this website again you will find some 0.3 screenshots in the future.

Branch 0.2 is comming close to be declared stable , as soon as the bugs found until now will be corrected.
A 0.2.1 goodie will be a JPEG processing speed improvement by 25%. This is done using SIMD optimized instructions (MMX, SSE,SSE2, 3DNow!).

We have opened a mailing list for RIOT, so don’t be shy, subscribe to discuss with me and the RIOT supporters about this program. Members only, but subscription is free, of course.

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