RIOT 0.4.4 released

This release fixes an issue introduced in v.0.4.3 present in the DLL version, when used with Windows Vista (possible Windows 7).
AdvPNG users will be happy to find out that RIOT has now an internal preset for using this tool. Just download and install advpng.exe and it’s dependency – zlib.dll – in the plugins folder.

Full changelog bellow:

v.0.4.4 (19.10.2010)
– fixed an access violation at startup in the DLL version, which occurs only in Vista (possible Windows 7).
The exception is caught when reading the configuration data.
– the Batch window is not displayed anymore if the images sent as parameters are not supported. The previous
behavior was to show the window with no files loaded.
– removed optipng -o5 external PNG optimizer preset and added advpng preset by default

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2 comments on “RIOT 0.4.4 released
  1. admin says:

    This is a known issue. See “Summary”->Known issues

    You should be careful when using in-place compare not to press two mouse buttons at once or click and release too fast.

    Has nothing to do with the tooltip. It is simply related to clicking and releasing too fast. I will try to prevent this in the future versions.
    This issue has been there since I introduced the in-place compare function.

  2. woogy says:

    Problem with tooltip and in-place compare:
    Open image -> move mouse to ‘In-place compare’ button -> wait for tooltip and quickly click (tricky) -> right and left panel display original image and ‘In-place compare’ button not work 🙁

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