RIOT 0.3.3 (stability release)

Hello all,

RIOT version 0.3.3 is available.

This version is a stablity release that addresses some problems with memory management and provides several fixes and optimizations. One important fix is for TIFF support. RIOT is again able to open files with different compression methods.

Here is the changelog:

- plugins: fixed some memory leaks (especially noticeable in batch operations with RIOT_SaveToFile/RIOT_SaveToFile_U). Set file size function from IrfanView was affected by this problem.
- in the previous version of FreeImage bundled with RIOT v0.3.2 the support for different TIFF compression types was ommited. Now fixed.
- fixed some invalid pointer operations
- faster startup; ini file is read at once and stored/updated in memory
- speed optimizations for preview; fixed some bugs with automatic preview invoked more than once in some cases
- bugfix: rotating 4bit images now works
- cbanged the general font to an antialiased one (Trebuchet MS)
- minor corrections for display on 120 dpi font setting
- The ini file was not read at startup in some functions and that made the program ask for resample each time. Function affected from the plugin version were: RIOT_LoadFromFile/RIOT_LoadFromHBITMAP. In the standalone version opening images using the command line or dropping files onto the program icon in explorer. 
- bugfix: File->Exit or pressing Esc terminates the application but does not save settings. Fixed !
- bugfix: after modifying Show Captions for main toolbar buttons the image is now centered.
- plugins: if file sent as parameter does not exist or left blank Original File Info is not updated (occurs in rare situations)
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