New version released – 0.4.6

The new version of RIOT – 0.4.6 is mainly a maintenance release. Several bugs are fixed, especially affecting the DLL version, the batch mode and the external optimizer implementation. The overall stability of the program was greatly increased by this release, so an update is highly recommended.

Another interesting addition is the presence of the documentation. A standard .CHM file (Win32 HTML Help) is provided. The documentation is still incomplete, but more references will be added in the future.

Download RIOT 0.4.6

Here is the full changelog:

* : fixed
– : removed
! : changed
+ : added

v.0.4.6 (25.02.2011)
+ added Help file (not yet complete)
+ DLL version: added flags for all JPEG chroma settings
* DLL version: the default chroma for RIOT_SaveToFile is now “medium” instead of “low”
* Batch mode: fixed a bug when using a bat file as external PNG optimizer and @echo off is not on the first line.
This problem does not occur in normal mode.
* DLL version: fixed some sliders going nuts when pressed during tooltip display
* fixed preview executed twice when asked to resample big images
* Batch settings “Keep original date/time” and “Report file size changes” are now remembered at startup
* if “Report file size changes” is checked and the selected external optimizer is not installed the reported size
is -100% or ~ -99.9%. Fixed !
* fixed error running same batch twice with external optimizer and “Keep original date/time is checked
* file is now set as modified only if OptimizePNG is successfully executed
* fixed related issues reported in the RIOT forum, with the external PNG optimizer implementation
* fixed a memory leak in FileIsWritetable
! avoid some file locking problems

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