New version available (0.4) with Batch Optimizer

The long expected new version of RIOT – 0.4 is finally available. This version contains very interesting new features and improvements:

  • (* NEW *) Batch Optimizer

    Optimize mulitiple images at once with great simplicity

  • (* NEW *) Basic image adjustments

    Adjust brightness, contrast, gamma, invert colors along with the optimization process

  • (* NEW *) Open even more image types

    The new open plugin architecture lets you extend the number of recognized formats

    The RAW + HDR plugin collection adds support for opening RAW camera images from all major manufacturers, OpenEXR and HDR images.

  • (* NEW *) Improved PNG compression

    The internal PNG compression was substantially improved.

    This new version has also out-of-the-box integration with popular PNG optimization tools like pngout, optipng as well as user defined tools.

    Using RIOT`s internal optimizations and visual quantization (reducing the number of unique colors) along with the best-in-class PNG optimizers – PNGout/OptiPNG proves to be the most efficient method of compressing PNG images, with little or no quality loss. The resulting compression ratio can be spectacular, up to 83% in this example, even more in certain situations. To compare, the median compression ratio offered by the PNG optimizers alone is around 20-25%.

  • Many other improvements

    0.4 is faster, should more stable and contains several improvements

    JPEG standard optimized encoding mode was introduced. This encoding mode offers half the speed of progressive mode for similar compression (usually lower, but higher with certain image types).The standard optimized encoding is usually better than the progressive encoding when dealing with images having large areas with the same colors and quality setting lower than 50.

    In this new version was also added decoding support for the old and outdated JPEG-in-TIFF 6.0 format in TIFF

Hurry up and download it while is hot.

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