Launched IrfanView RIOT plugin

Starting with the new IrfanView release (4.20) this well known graphic viewer and basic image editor includes my RIOT plugin. RIOT can be used to optimize images for the web by selecting „Save for web” from the File menu. As a special request Irfan asked me to provide an interface to RIOT to let users compress a JPEG file to a desired filesize from the IrfanView save dialog. This is done in silent mode (no window, only save to disk). Many users asked for this feature.

IrfanView has bundled in the plugin collection the Lite version of the RIOT plugin.

This Lite version has the following disavantages over the full version:

  • open from disk only bmp, jpeg, gif and png. The full version can open many graphics formats
  • no tone-mapping support
  • slightly slower than the full version
  • supports only bmp preview in the open dialog
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