IrfanView 4.25 includes RIOT Lite 0.3.3

The official IrfanView plugins package contains now version 0.3.3 Lite of RIOT.
It is a good thing becase many problems have been fixed since 0.1.7 (last version bundled) and new features have been introduced.
Among the most important changes are the new interface, unicode support, ability to import metadata, mask/transparency options, several speed optimizations and fixes. Read the full changelog

Note that IrfanView contains a minimal version of RIOT called The Lite version.
For people wanting to squize the best of RIOT I recommend using the extended version available on this website in the download section.
Read about the differences between lite and extended.

In autumn I plan to release the last version of branch 0.3 and start working on 0.4
0.4 will have the much expected batch support.

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