Important fixes in version 0.1.10

I just released version 0.1.10 that has important fixes.

The most important are transparency preservation on color quantization, drastically decreased memory usage, RGBF type TIFF support, vista icon support (ex: 256×256 PNG compressed), IPTC support for RIOT Lite.

v.0.1.10 (stable candidate #7)
-improvement/bugfix: Transparency is now fully kept regardlessof bit depth.
Color quantization now does not lose transparency. Alpha transparency can be converted to indexed transparency.
-improvement: drastically decreased memory usage especially for RIOT Full:
* DIB size + compressed image size in idle if DIBs fit in the video card memory, more otherwise
* up to 3xDIB size when processing
(Note that OpenPictureDialog preview does not free his image in memory until another preview is made. With open by drag & drop no image preview is stored in memory)
– added RGBF image support for TIFF
– added Vista icons support (very few viewers can open them now !)
– added IPTC support for RIOT Lite
– update FreeImage engine to 3.11.0 (FreeImage now uses libtiff (3.9.0), libpng (1.2.29), libMNG (1.0.10) and OpenJPEG (1.3.0))
– FreeImage.dll is now compatible with the official release. Some minor fixes were made in the RIOT version of the DLL, though
– bugfix: ICC profile was lost after Rotate. Fixed.
-bugfix: on drop file the current file name and the filesize were overwritten even if loading was not succesfull
(unknown type or unsupported)
-Save As speed-up
-compiler optimizations: optimized instruction set for Pentium Pro
-several optimizations and code cleanup

-plugin bug: when invoking RIOT_LoadFromDIB picture format was always seen as BMP. Fixed!
-plugins: several modifications for bmp loading
-full version plugin bugfix: RIOT_LoadFromDIB always shows -1 as filesize. Fixed.
-fixed a known FreeImage problem with saving GIFs

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