Batch operations


You can use the Batch optimizer to process multiple images at once.

The same settings used for a single image are used in Batch mode, including format settings, Metadata, Mask and Image Adjustments.

Basic workflow
  • A common scenario when optimizing several pictures is to load one image, play with the settings inside RIOT until you happy with the results, then open the Batch optimizer to use the same settings for all images.
  • Load all images using the drop down menu options from “Add images”. You can select there single images (keep Ctrl key pressed to select more than one image) or even add whole folders and sub-folders.
  • If you want to use additional tasks like Resize, Rotate, Flip, Compress to size you can select them from the drop down menu labeled “Additional tasks”. Note: As long as an additional task settings pane is visible, then RIOT considers you want to apply that task to all images. Make sure you select only the needed tasks.
  • Choose the output folder (that is where all optimized images will go !)
  • Adjust the Batch settings by pressing on the Settings button on top and then confirm them with “Apply”
  • Press the Start button, sit back and relax until all images are processed.
As the batch optimizer cannot work if an open image is already opened in RIOT, you must unload it to use the Batch feature. This will be done automatically.
Batch settings
Batch settings

Currently RIOT let’s you choose the following options:

  • Overwrite existing files (default)

When checked, all files from the destination folder having the same name with the resulting image will be overwritten. Uncheck to skip saving if a file with that name already exists in the destination folder

  • Delete original files when complete

If checked, the source files will be deleted as long as they are not the same as the target. Use with care, as this will destroy originals.

  • Keep original date/time

When checked, the target files will have the same date/time as the original files.

Report file size changes

When checked, after a successful execution of the batch job, the status column will contain the percentage of file decrease/increase next to each item (file in the list).