RIOT Plugin (DLL version)

RIOT as IrfanView plug-in

You can acces the RIOT plug-in from IrfanView by selecting File->Save for web. Also, there is an option to set file size to use compress to size function in RIOT for JPEG images.

RIOT as XnView addon

The RIOT addon for XnView is accesible after installing by selecting Filter->RIOT if an image is viewed or Tools->Plugin->RIOT in the XnView file browser.

RIOT as GIMP plug-in

The RIOT for GIMP plug-in is available in the GIMP repository. After you install the GIMP plug-in you can access it by selecting File->Save for web using RIOT.



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RIOT plugin for Developers

RIOT plugin can be used to provide a image saving method for your applications especially when this feature would be a nice extra and you preffer to use a third party component for that rather than program it from scratch.

Possible uses of the RIOT plugin

  • an image viewer that wants to add the “Save for web” feature or compress to size
  • a graphic editing program or a photo editor that wants to add the “Save for web” feature or compress to size
  • a computer program that is not mainly intended to process images but lets user export the results as images
  • a web application might need “Compress to size” to limit the filesize of uploaded images. An interface to use the DLL in a web application is needed for this.

Developer reference

Riot.dll Export Functions

bool RIOT_LoadFromDIB ( HANDLE hDIB, HWND hwndParent=NULL, const char *fileName=””, const char *iniFile=””, int flags=0, const char *buf=””)

Show the optimizer and load a bitmap from a DIB handle. Returns true on success or false on failure

bool RIOT_LoadFromDIB_U(HANDLE hDIB, HWND hwndParent=NULL, const wchar_t *fileName = LPWSTR(“”), const char *iniFile=””, int flags=0)

Unicode version of LoadFromDIB with buf parameter missing (not used anyway)

bool RIOT_LoadFromFile(const char *filename, int flags=0)

Show the optimizer and load a picture from a file on disk. flags parameter is unused Return true on success or false on failure

bool RIOT_LoadFromFile_U(const wchar_t *filename, int flags=0)

Unicode version of LoadFromFile with some parameters missing

void RIOT_Show()

Show the optimizer with no file loaded

int GetPlugInInfo(char *versionString, char *fileFormats)

Sets plugin information Always returns 0