RIOT Plugin (DLL version)

RIOT as XnView / XNVIew MP addon

The RIOT addon for XnView is accesible after installing by selecting Filter->RIOT if an image is viewed or Tools->Plugin->RIOT in the XnView file browser.

RIOT as GIMP plug-in

The RIOT for GIMP plug-in is available in the GIMP repository. After you install the GIMP plug-in you can access it by selecting File->Save for web using RIOT.



Download latest version

Older version ( v. 1.0.1)

RIOT plugin for Developers

RIOT plugin can be used to provide a image saving method for your applications especially when this feature would be a nice extra and you preffer to use a third party component for that rather than program it from scratch.

Possible uses of the RIOT plugin

  • an image viewer that wants to add the “Save for web” feature or compress to size
  • a graphic editing program or a photo editor that wants to add the “Save for web” feature or compress to size
  • a computer program that is not mainly intended to process images but lets user export the results as images
  • a web application might need “Compress to size” to limit the filesize of uploaded images. An interface to use the DLL in a web application is needed for this.

Developer reference

Riot.dll Export Functions

bool RIOT_LoadFromDIB ( HANDLE hDIB, HWND hwndParent=NULL, const char *fileName=””, const char *iniFile=””, int flags=0, const char *buf=””)

Show the optimizer and load a bitmap from a DIB handle. Returns true on success or false on failure

bool RIOT_LoadFromDIB_U(HANDLE hDIB, HWND hwndParent=NULL, const wchar_t *fileName = LPWSTR(“”), const char *iniFile=””, int flags=0)

Unicode version of LoadFromDIB with buf parameter missing (not used anyway)

bool RIOT_LoadFromFile(const char *filename, int flags=0)

Show the optimizer and load a picture from a file on disk. flags parameter is unused Return true on success or false on failure

bool RIOT_LoadFromFile_U(const wchar_t *filename, int flags=0)

Unicode version of LoadFromFile with some parameters missing

void RIOT_Show()

Show the optimizer with no file loaded

int GetPlugInInfo(char *versionString, char *fileFormats)

Sets plugin information Always returns 0