“Compress to size” bugs fixed (plugin version only)

A bug has been found in the plugin version of RIOT that affects JPEG compress to size. This has been fixed in version 0.1.13 and will be fixed for 0.2.x in the next version.
IrfanView users that worked with Save dialog->”Set file size” from single or batch mode are suggested to update.
“Compress to size” accessed within RIOT’s main window is not affected by these bugs.

The function with problems from the DLL was RIOT_SaveToFile

Download from here:

Here is the changelog:
-plugins bugfix: in RIOT_saveToFile (affects IrfanView Save dialog->Set file size).
When no flags are sent (greyscale and color subsampling are not selected)
the file is forced to be saved as progressive
-plugins bugfix: in RIOT_saveToFile – compress to size uses the last tested settings
and this usually leads to inaccuracy.
-plugins: RIOT_saveToFile (compress to size) speed improved

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