Beta version with WebP support

WebP is a new image format developed by Google intended as a replacement for JPEG, GIF and PNG. It supports both lossy and lossless compression and can contain alpha transparency too, which was only possible using PNGs and not JPEGs. It also supports animation, but RIOT does not currently support animations.

As metadata, WebP supports EXIF and XMP and can also contain an optional ICC color profile.

WepP is supported in all major browsers and can typically achieve 10-20% reductions compared to a JPEG of the same image quality.

The support in RIOT for WebP is complete (read/write) and includes batch, automatic mode, metadata and transparency.

Currently this beta version of RIOT is only available as the standalone/portable version.


  • added WebP read/write support
  • improved HiDPI support (improved, but still incomplete)
  • disable incomplete support for animated GIFs that generated confusions
  • fixed improper color reduction on subsequent images after loading an image with less than 256 colors
  • new icons for file types
  • various fixes

Go to the download page and please report any issues either here or by writing me on the email address mentioned in the About page.

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