32 bit versions of RIOT 1.0.1 released

Not sure how many machines still run the 32 bit version of Windows, but I still released the 32 bit version of RIOT for them. Depending on the stats, I will decide if the percentage is worth the effort to support them. Leave comments here if you still run a 32 bit version.

I also made available the portable 32 bit version.

With the 32 bit version you won’t benefit from the changes regarding opening larger images but you can still use the improved jpeg compression in v1.0.1

As many of you already know, RIOT can be used as a plugin in a few applications such as XNView, IrfanView, The GIMP or Paint.NET.

Some applications will need an update to their RIOT integration to support the new 64 bit version, and right now the 32 bit is the only way to run RIOT for XNView and IrfanView. For GIMP I will release an updated 64 bit plugin soon. Support for XNView should be under development now. Stay tuned.

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One comment on “32 bit versions of RIOT 1.0.1 released
  1. Ian M. says:

    Thanks a whole bunch, man … it is a freaking pain in the behind to find any 32bit bit version of any program nowadays… you rock!

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