0.3 beta officially released

I am proud to announce the long awaited 0.3 beta of RIOT.

The most important new features are:

1. New (improved) interface
The user interface was modified with the help of users to be more attractive and practical.

2. Remember settings on exit
Tired of  enabling  again your favourite settings ? Now the program stores last used settings on exit, including window state and size.  Image format and maximum PNG compression state are not remembered because it may drastically slow things down.

3. New tabs for format settings
The format settings are now separated in 3 tabs.The tabs are: format options, metadata and mask options. Each one appears only if neccessary (image contains metadata, image is transparent)

4. New transparency options
Alpha was discarded when converting to 24 bits. All transparent pixels were set to opaque. This often lead to unexpected results when converting alpha transparent PNGs to JPEG or when using color quantization.

Alpha compositing can be used now and a matte color can be chosen. The transparency can be kept or removed. When kept, a threshold is used for converting alpha transparency to indexed.

5. New function : in-place compare
This very requested feature allows to alternatively display the original image over the optimized image to see small pixel changes as long as the corresponding button is pressed.

6. Plugin: import ancillary data from original filename
When used as plugin the image is sent as DIB that is not containing any other informations than RGBA pixels. Unfortunatelly IrfanView does not use 32 bit data, only 24 – and the transparency is not sent. If a file exists, metadata, transparency and ICC profile from original file will be imported if the program is set to do it.

7. Auto-rotate images according to EXIF info
Some modern digital cameras have a sensor that indicates the  camera orientation. With this feature you can let the program use that information to automatically rotate images.

8. Check for updates automatically
When set so, the program can check for RIOT updates on the internet.

The beta state indicated the program is not tested enough, and some errors may occur.  If you find such error please send me a message with a detailed explanation of how to replicate it.

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